When you want to create a template for a single blog or product you'll have to use a special notation for the permalink, this lets MMS know what type of template you are creating ;

A Blog Template Example:

permlink - :blog

The permalink starts with a colon - letting the system know that this is a template page for a single post,
After the colon comes the type of post that the template is for - blogs.

The same patter matches up with all the other post types, :product, :testimonial, :location, :landing, :page... etc

The attributes of that post can be accessed directly like so:

instead of the forloop notation , ..etc

adding multiple templates for blogs or any other post type will make that template show in the themes dropdown inside the content editor, the default theme is set to the first theme that was made

What about if you put multiple pictures inside a piece of content? how do you get to them?
Like this: