tags - a list of strings - separated by comma's,
title - a string,
user_id - the user who created the post ,
sold - if the product is already sold,
published_at - date the post was published to the site/ made public,
cover_image - the url of the primary image of the post,
uid - a unique identifier of the post,
file_id - the primary attachment's id,
permalink - the slug of the post,
meta - a map of the meta information of the post eg. meta[title] = Great Post,
body - the main content of the post,
price - the price of the product,
quantity - the remaining quantity of the product,
unit - the unit the product is measured in,
updated_at - the date the post was last updated,
label - an arbitrary label for the post,
expires_at - the date the post will expire/be removed from the site,
external_link - a link to an external resource,
status - published/draft,
user_sub - to identify posts submitted by users - true/false,
inserted_at - date the post was created,
teaser - the preview/summary/teaser for the post